Our Doctors

If you struggle with hair loss, it is vital to find a suitable doctor. Not any doctor, but a hair doctor. The team at Medical Hair Restoration has been assisting patients with hair loss issues for over 30 years. Whether you just notice some thinning or are entirely bald, these are the doctors you need to talk to.

Our doctors do not only perform hair transplants. They also assist patients with non-surgical hair loss options. The Medical Hair Restoration team has assisted thousands of patients in successfully growing back their hair by using products such as Minoxidil, DHT production blockers, inhibitors, derma rollers, Biotin, Vitamin D and more. Most of their tried and trusted products are SAHPRA approved and clinically proven to work.

Doctor Larry Gershowitz

Dr Larry Gershowitz

Doctor Larry Gershowitz is a leading FUT Hair Transplant Surgery Surgeon and hair expert in South Africa. Doctor Larry has grown a passion for ethnic hair transplant surgery, and he has conducted more ethnic hair transplants in Africa than any other surgeon.

Doctor Ryan Jankelowitz

Dr Ryan Jankelowitz

FUE surgery is performed on a daily basis at the Cape Town Medical Hair Restoration by Dr Ryan Jankelowitz. When Doctor Ryan is not in the operating room, you can find him at his office, where he offers virtual and in-person consultations on a number of hair loss concerns.

Doctor Taher Rasool

Dr Taher Rasool

Dr Taher Rasool strives for perfection in hair restoration surgery and uses cutting-edge techniques to cure and restore hair loss. Doctor Taher offers surgical treatments such as FUE hair transplantation, beard and eyebrow transplantation, and Follicular Regeneration PRP at Medical Hair Restoration Durban.

Doctor Yaniv Lacob

Dr Yaniv Lacob

Doctor Yaniv Lacob is situated in Sandton and has been working with Medical Hair Restoration since 2018. He knows everything there is to know about scalp skin disorders, hair loss, and hair restoration. He is an expert in platelet therapy, which he does using the mesotherapy approach.

Doctor Chrisna Ludick

Dr Chrisna Ludick

Doctor Chrisna Ludick has been practising Aesthetic Medicine for 9 years and has a particular interest in medical hair restoration. Doctor Chrisna uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to regenerate hair growth in follicular regeneration treatments at Medical Hair Restoration Cape Town and has performed over 500 PRP operations in the last two years.

Specialist hair loss doctors from Africa’s top hair loss clinic are here to assist you